Roots Frozen Dessert started out of necessity.

After experiencing several heart events, I was told I needed to change my diet. In the beginning I was confused on what it meant to eat a plant-based diet. I stopped eating meat, but I substituted pastas, breads, and other flour-filled, simple carbs that didn’t do anything for my heart. I was losing weight, but I wasn’t healthy on the inside. I realized I needed more fruits and veggies in my diet. I began to focus on what it meant to live a healthy, plant based life. However, I was still missing something. I was missing ice cream.

Having been in the ice cream business for over forty years, I had sampled quite a few. I was very familiar with the products in the grocery store. They tasted great, but at a cost, frequently in the form of too much sugar. Whether it was low calorie, low fat, or low carb ice cream, they often included a hidden ingredient – extra sugars, extra fats or just air.

I felt as if I was being tricked into eating a product that was healthy.

I wanted to change all of that with Roots Frozen Desserts. I longed to create a decadent, dairy-free, frozen dessert experience that would leave you feeling satisfied, minus the guilt. Something you could eat every day and didn’t feel like you had to do something to burn off the special treat you just ate. Not only a frozen dessert that tasted good, but a frozen dessert you could enjoy whenever you wanted.

No compromises. No sacrifices.

It took us 6 years to get our product right. We began going through flavors that couldn’t be swallowed, slowly perfecting Roots into what it is today.  After sampling many different flavors, we saw the change – smiling faces after taking a spoonful. We knew we had it.

Roots satisfies my sweet tooth and helps me stay within the limits of my personal health journey. I hope it does the same for you. Our ingredients are listed on the back of every carton. If you see something you aren’t sure about, just head on over to our FAQ page for a full explanation of every ingredient in our products.

Find your Roots today by shipping it to your doorstep (United States shipping only) or find one of our retail partners HERE. Enjoy every moment of life and thank you for your interest in Roots Frozen Desserts.

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