Are Roots Products Kosher?2019-02-09T22:53:41-05:00

Presently no, but we plan to be certified Kosher soon.

The Product I Purchased Has Ice Crystals or Looks Freezer Burned. What Caused This?2019-02-09T22:50:18-05:00

When you see ice crystals on top or throughout the container, the possible causes are that the product has melted and refrozen or the product has been in the freezer to long. It is important to note that ice crystals will change the texture and taste of the product.

Why Do Roots Products Taste Like Coconut?2019-02-09T22:50:32-05:00

We deliberately created our flavors to have a coconut taste, and that is the reason we use coconut cream, rather than coconut milk.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Your Products?2019-02-09T22:50:37-05:00

On the bottom of each container we have a SELL BY DATE. Our products have a 18 month shelf life under proper freezer conditions.

How Long Are Roots Products Good After Opening A Container?2019-02-09T22:50:44-05:00

The shelf life of every Roots product is 45 days after opening.

Is There Lactose or Milk in Roots Frozen Desserts?2019-02-09T22:53:32-05:00


Are Roots Products Gluten-Free?2019-02-09T22:53:27-05:00

100% Gluten Free, as we use no flour in any of our flavors.

Is Coconut Cream A Nut Allergen?2019-02-11T09:51:37-05:00

According to the FDA, coconut is a nut allergen. However, our research concludes that only a very small part of the population is affected by the use of coconut.

I Have a Serious Allergen Issue. Can I Eat Roots Products?2019-02-09T22:53:20-05:00

If your allergen issues are so severe that any trace of dairy, tree nuts, or eggs can affect your health, we recommend not eating any Roots products. Why? Because our production plant does produce other products that contain dairy, nuts, eggs and soy.

Are There Any Allergens In Your production Facility?2019-02-09T22:53:16-05:00

Yes. Our product is made with equipment that also processes soy, wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts.

Can You Ship Your Product Directly to My Home?2019-04-03T13:04:44-04:00

Yes, we can currently ship to anywhere in the continental (48) United States!

Where are Roots Frozen Desserts Sold?2019-02-10T20:28:39-05:00

Our product can be found in stores throughout New Jersey, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, NY. Use our store locator to find where you can purchase Roots Frozen Desserts.

Where Can I find Nutritional Information About Roots Products?2019-02-10T20:29:31-05:00

All nutritional information and ingredient declarations are on the Roots container, as well as on “Products” page.

Does Roots Use Carrageenan?2019-02-09T22:52:13-05:00


Are Roots Products Organic?2019-02-09T22:52:09-05:00

No, but many of our products are certified organic.

Are Roots Products Vegan?2019-02-09T22:52:04-05:00

100% Vegan.

Are Roots Products Dairy Free?2019-02-09T22:51:59-05:00

100% dairy free.

Are Roots Products Pasteurized?2019-02-09T22:51:53-05:00

All of our Roots products are pasteurized for both safety and taste.

Are There GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) In Roots flavors?2019-02-09T22:51:48-05:00

All of our ingredients are certified non-GMO.

Does Roots Use MSG in its Products?2019-02-09T22:51:43-05:00

All Roots products are all natural and contain no MSG.

Is There Wheat or Corn Syrup In Roots Products?2019-02-09T22:52:59-05:00

There is no wheat or corn syrup in our natural flavors.

Are There Any Artificial Ingredients or Food Colors Used in Roots Frozen Desserts?2019-02-09T22:52:56-05:00

We do not use any artificial ingredients or colors in any Roots Flavors.